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Integrity and Competence

Kaua’i Tech OnSite is owned and operated by a husband & wife team of seasoned professionals who have been residents of Kauai since Jan, 2012.

With 40+ years of high-tech expertise we provide Kauai businesses and residences with quick response time, honest expert advice, and dependable service. From solving complex Computer, Server and Network issues, protecting your data, to preventing pop-ups, we’re honored to serve you with aloha!

Need help right away? Call: 808-212-8877


Rodney Pascua

Rodney Pascua
Design Associates Kauai

A simple solution saved Rodney Pascua of Design Associates Kauai over $1,500

Rodney Pascua owns Design Associates Kauai which is an architectural design firm. Luis has been his IT guy for the last 2 years during which he has always had a fast resposnse time.

On one occasion Luis was able to save Rodney over $1,500:

“I have a large HP wide-carriage printer for printing my 24” x 36” architectural drawings. Unfortunately my main computer workstation did not have the appropriate printer port interface, but my laptop did. Luis networked my workstation and my laptop so that now my workstation can print my architectural drawings through the laptop to the HP printer. He saved me from spending over $1,500 – the cost of a new HP printer. It’s worked out really well.”
– Rodney Pascua, Design Associates Kauai

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On other visits, Luis helped Rodney with a variety of issues ranging from troubleshooting a malfunctioning router to detecting and removing malware.

“There were times that he came in and cleaned something and then everything just worked!”

As a result of his longterm working relationship with Kauai Tech OnSite, Rodney is able to focus on his work serving clients and grow a successful design business.

When asked why he would recommend Kauai Tech OnSite to his friends and colleagues, he said:

“He’s very upbeat, straight-forward in his thinking and in communication with me, and does his work well.”

Tim Mira

Tim Mira
Kauai Real Estate Broker

When Tim’s computer crashed we were there to quickly get him back in business

As a full-time real estate broker on Kauai, Tim Mira depends on his computer for much of his work. He first contacted us because his hard drive was fried and he had lost all of the data on it.

“I could not get the data back that I lost. My hard drive was fried.”
– Tim Mira, Real Estate Broker

Tim didn’t want that to ever happen again.

“If I don’t have my computer I feel like its a loss of business.”

He purchased a new computer and we set it up with all of the programs he needed to get his business running smoothly again. We also set Tim up with a more efficient way to backup all of his data. Even if his laptop falls into the Pacific ocean he will be able to put all of his backed up data onto another computer and be up and running in no time.

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“Luis was there right away to upload some programs and then throw in some information that I saved previously in the past. What I really liked about it is that Luis responded right away to my call, I didn’t have to wait a week to get on his appointment book. He could sense my desperation and he took my job right away.”

When asked what stood out about Luis he said:

“When he came to my home office he actually took the time to walk me through the process so that I could understand how it all worked as he was working on it. So I felt like he got right on the task but was very client friendly in explaining and taking the time to go over all of the process with me. And I really appreciated that.”

When we asked him if he would recommend Kauai Tech OnSite, and this is what he said:

“I would love to get folks to take down Luis’ contact number because if you ever needed help right away and you’ve ever experienced the frustration of someone not getting to you right away, you will not experience that with Luis. He actually took my call and then scheduled me almost immediately and got to the problem either the same day or the very next day. To my business it was invaluable. I would say call him if you have any problems with your computer.”

Need help right away? Call: 808-212-8877